Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Episode 04: White Christian Nerds

[Stamp of Doneness!]

Woo, here we go! Prepare yourself for the J's longest episode yet, as Jon and Joel talk about Darronofsky's (Darronofsky) newest film 'Noah' and their personal upbringings as WCN's. The guys will lend their last, final, ultimate ending remarks on 'Fawlty Towers', hype up the inevitable release of 'The Babadook', and hate on Freddie Highmore. Joel will make terrible Flood puns, and Jon will not stop saying "Darronofsky" (Darronofsky). Will the podcast be labelled 'EXPLICIT' forever? Will Joel admit his love for 'Angry Birds'? Will Anthony Hopkins eat berries?! Found out in Episode Four: 'White Christian Nerds'.

- - - - -

Topics this week include:
- Tower defense games. (Also this.)
- Ray Harryhausen.
- The politics of the 'PG-13' rating.
- 'The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible': Easter edition. (Oh god the memories.)
- 'Bates Motel' ("relatively addicting and really pulpy").
- Joel's Picture Book of the Week: 'Swamp Thing', Volume III.
- Darronofsky's (Darronofsky) childhood poem, based on the biblical narrative of Noah. (SPOILERS: does not include 'The Watchers'.)
- Shiny black rocks.

Homework this week includes:
- Check out another podcast on the Oculus Rift acquisition by Facebook.
- Listen for Joel's Misused Word of the Week: 'fetishistic'.
- Weep at the 'Noah' expository font.
- "The future is now!"

Essential Quotations:
- "Stamps dot com. Probably the best place to get... stamps dot com."
- "... We don't even have MIDI."
- "At what price, Pretension?"

- Beowulf eats some slimy animal on the Ark. Everyone cares for some reason.
- Joel uses Jon's weakness to the word "meta" to strengthen his own arguments. Multiple times.
- Someone needs to make a 'Cthulhu's Tiny Tots' children's book (or find one) for Jon to read aloud.
- ... Now, Jon has listened to Creed.
- Composer Jordan runs in fear at the mention of comics.
- Joel totally schools Jon on the geography of the Pacific Rim.
- Jon does not absolutely love MLP:FIM. No, not at all. No proof, you have no proof!