Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Episode 16: 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'


Welcome to episode one-six of Jon and Joel's podcast extravaganza, now with 200% more eating!! Remember that Russian Potato Party the J's were planning months ago? Well the time has fully come, and how better to spend your night than eating potatoes and hating on film #49153, 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'? Пожалуйста, Internet.

When the J's are done venting their disdain at Mark Wahlberg's toy sword/gun and the complete lack of Megan Fox, Jon will share his hatred of 'March of the Penguins 2' 'Happy Feet'. Joel will voice his vendetta against Miss Vetta, then use Lovecraft's name in vain. Jon will mumble nineties-Christian pop tunes, and the two will talk about... file management systems... Okay.

It's sweet sixteen for 'Talk and Trivia'! Make yourself some hash browns and show the boys some love!

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Topics this week include:
- Russian Potato Party!
- 'Transformers: AoE'.
- Game Boys.
- 'SkyGrid' Minecraft map.
- 'Hannibal'.
- morality and spectacle.
- Finder... Yes, the native Mac OSX file manager...
- 'Dawnuhtawplanaperdom'.
- Joel's PBotW: 'A Flight of Angels'; 'Thor: Godbomb'; 'All You Need Is Kill'.

Homework this week includes:
- Go watch 'Brazil'.
- Check out Hazel: Automated Organization for your Mac.
- (EXTRA CREDIT): Make Joel an "Aesthetically Anal" t-shirt.

Essential Quotations:
- "Have you ever tried to look into a pocket, Joel?"
- "I don't feel blue at all. WAAAA!!"

- Joel is dark and beautiful.
- The J's are definitely not "Hasbro's". Bro.
- There will be a 'Death Note' episode. But will there be a "Redbox rip-offs" episode?
- ('J&J' was recorded live in the backroom of a hip Korean take-out restaurant. Yes, that's 'LDR' playing in the background.)