Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Episode 19: 'The Purge' and 'The Purge: Anarchy'

"This one's quite dead indeed." [Plays wicked guitar riff.]

This is not a drill. The sixth annual Purge is about to commence, and the J's are out for blood. In case you've been hiding under a rock in a cave under a museum: Twelve continuous hours. Weapons of Class 4 or lower. No holds barred. Will film #48235 'The Purge' and film #49138 'The Purge: Anarchy' satiate Jon and Joel? Some films you've gotta punch in the face with your love stamp. And some films you've gotta serve a first-level-of-hell kind of hate. Whichever you choose, the government thanks you for your purge and wishes you good hunting.

Meanwhile, if you're listening at home turn off those 4-D goggles, because it's gonna get misty in here. On the tenth anniversary of his passing, Joel speaks fondly of the living legend, composer Jerry Goldsmith. And also Joel almost died! Well, sort of. Then hear Jon never stop talking about the quandaries, ramifications, and totally-plausible conspiracy theories of 'The Purge'. And the other 'Purge'. Both of them. And in case you were worried, there always be many asides and much music, remixed or otherwise. This is, after all, episode nineteen of 'Talk and Trivia, with J&J'! What did you expect?

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Topics this week include:
- 'The Purge' and 'The Purge: Anarchy'.
- chaos mentors.
- 'Pretty Solid Defense of Solid Food' via exconvictMarthaStewart dot com.
- Time-traveling C.S.I.'s and a guitar-wielding Hannibal Lecter.
- Jonathan Hickman.
- cats rewinding movies.
- Jerry Goldsmith.
- Jon's reluctant D.I.Y. Soylent talk: deficiencies and noowapitropes noooowapitrops nootropics.
- Joel's PBotW: 'Coffin Hill'; 'Pax Romana'.

Homework this week includes:
- Read 'A Modest Proposal', by Jonathan Swift.
- EXTRA CREDIT: Name your male child 'Jules'.

Essential Quotations:
- "What's your name?" "AMBARCODE!"
- "It's all fun and games. Until someone dies of not enough vitamin E."
- "Guttural is better-ral."
- "Goth punk girls are my bread and butter..."

- Joel will give you a whale of a tale.
- Jon promises he has a life outside of Soylent.
- Every time Joel walks around, the microphone FREAKS OUT.
- Based on a 2011 estimate, on average over twelve thousand people die every two hours. You're welcome, listener.
- ROUND ONE: Michael K. Williams and Homeless Man versus an army of deadly butlers. FIGHT!
- God themes kill Jon every time. In a good way.
- 'Cordon' is a real word, and 'cordoned off' is a real phrase.
- Episode twenty impending...