Thursday, July 31, 2014

Episode 20: 'Lucy'

"It's over, and it's only begun."

J&J STRIKE BACK! It's a very special episode twenty, and the boys are at it again. Grab a slice of pizza, a fizzly adult beverage, and don't forget: reproduction or immortality. That's all you need to know. Of all the great and powerful films out there, the J's choose #49161, Luc Besson's 'Lucy'. Prepare for an apocryphal, apocalyptic hate fest.

Meanwhile, Jon finally bites the bullet and finishes '24: Live Another Day'. After watching a Disney musical, Joel wants to know if there are strangers like him. Jon makes apricot frozen yogurt at work, and Joel wonders if it will blend. Human pestilence, Eurotrash, juggalos, and revolving room set pieces. That's a lot to bite into in 'J&J' episode 20, but they're sure you'll do fine.

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week include:
- 'Lucy'.
- Luc Besson.
- Python.
- Jekyll.
- '24: Live Another Day'.
- Will it blend?
- 'The Sopranos' s05.
- 'Hannibal' s02.
- 'Tarzan the Musical'.
- "F***in' magnets, how do they work?"
- Jon's 'Human Pestilence and Humane Sex' diatribe.
- Couldn't find that video, but here's a year-old article about international influence on Hollywood films.
- Joel's PBotW: 'The Rocketeer'.

Homework this week includes:
- Figure out which film had Fred Astaire dancing in a revolving room set piece. (Jon thought it was Gene Kelly.)
- EXTRA CREDIT: Instead of watching 'Lucy', go watch 'Limitless', 'Under the Skin', and 'Lost in Translation'. And 'Her'. And 'The Matrix'. I know you've already seen 'The Matrix', watch it again.

Essential Quotations:
- "We're grown-ass adults, Joel. It's time for food."
- "Oh! Is this what it feels like to have emotions?"
- "Oo, copious."
- "It's just very important to remember, that your fingernails may dissolve if you think too hard."
- "You lost me at 'hello'."

Recommended Dining for This Episode:
- Large three-topping Domino's pizza (half pepperoni-bacon-sliced italian sausage, half mushroom-black olive-premium chicken.)
- 'Bavaria' adult beverage.

- Jon hasn't seen 'Her'.
- Jon can't stop thinking about Kelsey Grammar this whole podcast. But he doesn't say anything.
- Sleeping in hammocks is bad for your back.
- Jon was a show-you-to-your-seat guy at the Wagon Wheel Theatre. So there.
- No giant spiders in this episode. Sorry: budget cuts.
- Lesson for the day: Not all french people are cool.