Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Episode 48: 'Frank' & 'Birdman'

Aaaand they're back! Where to start... After a couple weeks of pre-recorded episodes, the boys reunite for a long-ish, real life catch-up episode! Jon talks about being awkward around cool people at Sundance, and Joel talks about getting his car stolen. For the second time.

But it's not all life and death and guns and roses: the J's also have some films to review! First off, Fassbender's paper-mache acting is called into question in 'Frank'. Then Hollywood's latest film-about-show-business, 'Birdman', takes center stage. Will Jon like watching musicians shiver and call themselves 'artists'? Will Joel enjoy improvised drumset soundtracks? This and much more awaits you in episode forty-eight of the tragicomedic J&J podcast. Haystack hammer nail, nail hammer hay.

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week include:
- ‘Frank’.
- ‘Birdman’.- Sundance 2015! Peter Sciretta. And winners.
- The finale of ‘The Colbert Report’.
- ‘Better Call Saul’ s1e1.
- Federated Wiki 2.0.
- ‘Ex Machina’,U.S. release date April 10th.
- ‘Paddington’.
- Joel's PBotW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Angela’, ‘Ghosted, Vol. 2: Book of the Dead’, ‘Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal’, ‘Northlanders Vol. 1: Sven The Retuned’, ‘Sin City Vol. 3: The Big Fat Kill’.

Essential Quotations:
- "I don't even know how this works anymore."

Homework for the Week:
- Watch 'Rope'. Then watch 'Birdman'. Then watch 'The Savages'. Then watch 'Synecdoche, New York'. Then watch 'Birdman'. Then watch 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' s1e1. Then watch 'Network'. Then watch 'Birdman'.

- What can be more romantic than choosing between good ol'-fashioned BDSM and five-and-one-half hours of unsimulated sex? Not having to choose...
- (Um, gross? That former spoiler is about next episode's film choices, if context makes it any less awkward. But spoilers, it doesn't...)