Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Episode 53: 'Ever After' & 'Cinderella'

Welcome back to the J&J's! They're talking and they're trivia-ing, all day and all night! This week the guys take a swing at the 1998 film 'Ever After' and Disney's latest live-action remake of 'Cinderella'. Will Drew Barrymore's performance hold up? Can Kenneth Branagh handle a sixty-five-year-old narrative? And is the Cinderella folk tale all that important to retell? All this and more in another double-feature episode of 'Talk and Trivia'. Enjoy!
- Joel’s PBotW: Beautiful Darkness.
- Jon's Studious Studies: ‘Adventure Time’ s02.

Essential Quotations:
- "You jerk! You're a jerk!"

Homework for the Week:
- Watch 'The Usual Suspects'. Also the Adventure Time pilot.

- Everyone lives happily ever after.