Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Episode 55: 'It Follows'

How you folks doin'? Joel is pseudo-flu sick, Jon is figuring out all the little bits, and business is usual. Well, until Jon breaks the fourth wall and the podcast almost completely derails. This week, the boys dissect "the best horror film of the decade", 'It Follows'. If you were being followed by an unkillable Call of Duty zombie, what would you do? Stare suspiciously at all walking strangers? Hide out at your beach home? Run down the street in your underwear? Then you're in good company.

It's episode fifty-five of your favorite J's, chatting away.

Time is an onion.

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week incl
- 'It Follows'.
Steven Spielberg to Direct "Ready Player One".
John Williams not scoring for Spielberg?!
Legendary Developing "Lazarus" Comic TV Show.
‘Spectre’ Teaser.
GPS trackers count as Search & Seisure.
Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart.
‘Mad Max’ Trailer Two.
Conversation with President Obama & David Simon.
Third Tron movie? When will it end?
- Joel’s PBotW:
     - ‘Black Science Vol. 1’,
     - ‘Southern Bastards Vol. 1: Here Was a Man’,
     - ‘Batman Vol. 2: The Court of Owls’.
- Jon's Odd Studies: D.I.Y. soylent
     - (official site, forums, Jon's blog).

Essential Quotations:
- "Yeah, business... the bodily urges..."

Homework for the Week:
- Study up on sodium overdoses.
- Waste your life watching Let's Players beat round 99 of COD Black Ops Zombie Mode.

- It does not follow... Well, maybe the way you mean...