Thursday, April 16, 2015

Episode 57: 'Starry Eyes'

Welcome back once again, to the place with the friends. J&J!

Is Hollywood a cesspool of sociopaths? Is machiavellianism morally reprehensible? This week, Jon and Joel take a hard look at last year's disturbing 'Starry Eyes'. Sarah Walker says she will do anything to be a leading actress, but how far will she really go? Two parts morality tale, one part monster transformation, and all the 'vomiting maggots' scenes you'll need for a lifetime (that is, just one). And Joel also catches up on 'Louis' s04!

Meanwhile, Jon's out of coffee, drinking tea; and Joel's preparing for a summer-time Christmas vacation. Also, more remakes and adaptations than you can shake a stick at! Will 'True Detective' s02 be awesome? Will David Lynch return to the helm 'Twin Peaks', season-the-next? The guys don't know, but they can guess in this latest episode of 'Talk and Trivia'. Enjoy.

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week include:
- ‘Starry Eyes’.
Hillary Clinton, 2016.
8K Red sensor.
Captain America shot on digital IMAX.
Cary Fukunaga’s, ‘The Alienist’.
- 'True Detective' s02 trailer.
‘Rocky Horror’ remake.
'Suspiria' TV Series
"Five Nights at Freddie's" Film
Haunted Mansion? Ryan Gosling? Guillermo del Toro?
'In Cold Blood' TV Series
‘Descender’ picked up for film.
David Lynch leaves "Twin Peaks"?
- Joel’s PBotW:
     - Letter 44 v1: Escape Velocity.
     - The Wicked + The Divine v1: The Faust Act.

Homework for the Week:
- Try to parse out Joel's "That's what she said" joke.
- EXTRA CREDIT: Read 'In Cold Blood'.

- Festively-iced sugar cookies should be more than just a Christmas thing. Also Joel doesn't know what Christmas cookies are.
- Alex Essoe is totally Canadian. Born in Saudi Arabia, though.