Thursday, April 23, 2015

Episode 58: 'Daredevil'

Oh! Oh hey there you, and welcome back! Sometimes a city needs a hero who is neither a billionaire nor practically invincible. But who asks for a blind super-hero, really? This week the boys watch Netflix's Marvel's Drew Goddard's 'Daredevil', season one! Will Joel think it holds up to the original comic books? Will Jon think it holds up to 'The Wire'? Hard to say, but spoilers, nostalgia tends to wreck everything it touches.

Meanwhile, Jon shows total control over his words. Um no, the opposite of that. And Joel has been re-watching 'FRIENDS'!! Also, no time to sleep when new and awesome trailers have been dropping all week long! How do the guys really feel about the upcoming 'Star Wars' film? Is it better to write "vs." or "v."? And after humanity has just turned on Superman, now Batman is picking a fight too? Someone DAWN GOT BELEAGUERED! (Eh? Eh?)

Grab a beer and enjoy the delirium. It's the 'J&J Podcast'.

Essential Quotations:
- "What's the uh... your favorite guy's name? Emilio? Enrique? Octavio? Michael K. Williams?"
- "Oh wait, I know who you're talking about- WAIT THAT'S WHO I'M TALKING ABOUT."

- Daredevil's suit is stupid. It's a stupid suit.