Friday, May 22, 2015

Episode 62: 'Mad Max' Extravaganza!

Hello again! Wouldn't you say it's about time for... another extravaganza?

This week the boys visit the manic, dystopian future-scape of MAD MAX, just a crazy hatter trying to make his way in the unforgiving looking glass. (Anyone else craving a little 'Alice in Wonderland' right now?) He starts as a crack interceptor for the main force patrol; he becomes a loner bad-ass looking to protect oil rig communes; he takes his troubles to THUNDERDOME and breaks all the rules; and now, he jumps an eighteen-wheeler on its way to a green, feminist paradise. But believe you me, he's just the through-line for a much grander story. Fasten those seatbelts: it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Meanwhile... mud baths, sixty diamonds, work ethic, cook-your-own-food restaurants, Hannah Hart, Portland, Borderlands, and a totally-coherent overview of 'Twin Peaks'. Oh, and Tina Turner. It's 'Talk and Trivia, with J&J', every week on the week.

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week include:
- 'Mad Max':
     - the original.
     - 'Road Warrior'.
     - 'Beyond THUNDERDOME'.
     - 'Fury Road'.
Martin Scorsese & Kenneth Branagh's "Macbeth" Film.
David Lynch Returns to "Twin Peaks"!
- 'Portlandia'.

- Joel’s PBotW:
     - Friends With Boys
     - Rocket Racoon v1: A Chasing Tale

- Jon's Odd Studies:
     - 'My Drunk Kitchen'.

Essential Quotations:
- "Chain-mail bodice. Fair enough, Tina Turner."

Homework for the Week:
- Practice Reckless Optimism.
- Map the character arc for Bruce Spence's character across the series. Then make a movie about it.
- Write 20,000 words on whether the Western genre's Cowboy is an amoral outcast acting in self-preservation, or a virtuous outlaw acting for the betterment of society. (Or just find an article online. No judging; I just want to read it.)

- Odd pig metaphors.
- Boop boop.
- "Totally-Coherent Overviews" should be a thing Jon always does. Forever.
- That dirty-faced kid in 'Shane' is nightmare fodder. If I told you he was a murderous animatronic in real life, you would have no recourse but to hide under your bed.
- Joel is the Aestheticist.
- Jon is a Details Guy.