Sunday, July 26, 2015

Et Cetera Sunday: Dress Codes, 'Chef' Again, 'Moon Knight Vol. 2'

Welcome to Funny Sunday Et Cetera Sunday, where the boys talk about trackpads and auras. Jon catches up on Jon Favreau's fun little film 'Chef', and Joel talks DTR's and multi-personality vigilantes. Plus, Photoshop, nerd gods, the fruits and the nuts, khaki shorts, Sofia Vergara, some typical U.N. things, and adding emotions to boring shapes.

Do do enjoy, dear listeners and future Jons.

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- - - - -

- Joel’s Stuff:
     - 'Moon Knight Vol. 2: Dead Will Rise'.

- Jon's Stuff:
     - 'Chef', again.

- Rockstar, Thermostats, Mac Power Cords, Stephen R. Lawhead, 'Firefly'.
- That wasn't a real high-five.