Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Newsday Tuesday - July 28, 2015

Yes indeed, this is Talk and the Trivia, and this is Newsday Tuesday! This week, Rob McElhenney gets his own movie to direct, G.R.R.M. laughs at superheroes, and a white rhino dies. Yes these are news items, you Philistine.

MMMmmmm... Fade out.

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Topics this week include:
Associated Press and Movietone open Youtube archive.
Rob McElhenney to direct Minecraft movie.
How to escape a box, if you are a mime.
MovieTube gets straight sued.
'Star Wars' Various Edition Changes
AT&T responds to FCC throttling fine.
A white rhino dies.
George R.R. Martin on MCU Villains.
New Dr. Seuss book!
Google+ scales back a little.
‘Happy Birthday’ officially out of copyright?