Thursday, August 27, 2015

Episode 76: 'Sinister 2'

Welcome to Filmy Thursday, your feature presentation. This week, the J. and the J. review Scotty D.'s latest horrifying film, 'Sinister 2'. Will Sassymom be able to save her battered children from a mashed-potato-wielding father AND a children's monster-come-ham radio enthusiast? Will Bruce Campbell be able to stop the boogie man in his tracks? Will Jon be able to figure out the world's mythology without watching the first film? Will Joel be able to talk about 'Sinister 2' without referencing 'Sinister 1'?

Horror mechanics, sequels, ghost kids, Music Disc 11, and ham radios.

"Oswald, the first case? You were on the first Oswald case?"

<meta_aside>SPOILERS ABOUND</meta_aside>

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Topics this week include:
- 'Sinister 2'.

Essential Quotations of the Week:
- "Get out, umlauts."

- 5, 4, 3, 14. 93 million, 9, 8, 6,  with a woo how, 59, 43...
- Scotty D. doesn't direct this film. He only co-writes.