Sunday, August 23, 2015

Et Cetera Sunday: 'Adventure Time' s04, 'Hawkeye Vol. 3: L.A. Woman', 'Sex Criminals Vol. 2: Two Worlds, One Cop'

This is Et Cetera Sunday, and Joel and Jon are here to make sammiches. Melted mozzarella, 'hot sauce', and bacon obviously.

But anyway, this week Jon explains "420" to Joel. Also, Joel doesn't talk about the stand-up specials he watched on Netflix, and Jon doesn't review the Paul Verhoeven book he just received. But no worries. And there's 'Adventure Time' and Matt Fraction of course. Then by the end, things get a little off-topic.

Suggested eating for this episode is a buffalo chicken sammich with a light beer.

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- Joel’s Stuff:
     - 'Hawkeye v3: L.A. Woman'.
     - 'Sex Criminals v2: Two Worlds, One Cop'.
- Jon's Stuff:
     - 'Adventure Time' s04.

- Hardcore fans hear the mailman.
- I see some Sarcasm Trivvin' in your future.