Sunday, August 30, 2015

Et Cetera Sunday: Intro. to Python, 'Adventure Time' Catch-Up, 'Y the Last Man' Vol. 1 & 2

It's just another easy-freezy, lemon-squeezy Et Cetera Sunday, and the boys are back to whisper sweet nothings in your ears. This week: Jon brings the picture books! Whaaaaaat?! Joel watches 'Adventure Time'! Whaaaaat?@! Jon talk about Python! Whaaaaa- oh that's not new. Take a load off, and enjoy.

Oh, Barbarella...

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- Joel’s Stuff:
     - Catching up with 'Adventure Time'.
- Jon's Stuff:
     - Guacamole Salad.
     - Intro. to Python: data types and applications. Percentage of Success: 10%.
     - 'Y the Last Man' vol. 1 & 2.

- 'The Radio Adventures of Jeff Bilboe' will return!!
- The guys totally go to dinner parties. Don't you deny.