Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bullsh** With J&J! - Boats and The Unknown

Welcome, ya sea barnacles! Arrrr! We find ourselves in strange circumstances, sipping whiskey on the edge of a journey... Spoilers as we speak Joel is on a cruise ship, sailing for the enchanted lands of Ensanada, earning his sea legs and eyeing the horizons for the ever-elusive white whale. Arrrr! Saddest of sadnesses, this means there will be no feature review this Thursday. But sometimes a brief hiatus is just what the doctor ordered.

Meanwhile, here's a ramble-rousing episode of nautical terms, ocean fears, and Titanic aspirations. Nary you worry, Joel will return this Sunday for some shipwise detox while Jon struggles to explain the piles of pizza boxes and scratchings on the wall. You know, the usual.


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Topics This Week Include:
- Great books.
- Terrible movies.
- 'Knights of Sidonia' hangle bars.
- Cthulhu sightings.