Sunday, November 22, 2015

Et Cetera Sunday: Soylent, Round Two; Zisteau's 'Ragecraft 2' Playthrough

Welcome folks. Hope you're having a nice Sunday. This week, Jon is trying something new: recording an episode all by himself! While Joel gets back to the daily grind, Jon decides to ramble about soylent, nutrition, electric toothbrushes, and Minecraft CTM's. Weird, huh? It's as if his train of thought is a twenty car pile-up that happens to be straddling a train track. It's like he's a quarter rolling around the funnel of a topic, mesmerizing in how slowly he approaches his end point. But if you think of it as a reverse absurdist play, it's almost palatable.

Anyways, look forward to Joel's wild tales aboard the H.M.S. CruiseFest. Oh, and 'MOCKINGJAY 2'. Aw yeah.


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- Jon's Stuff:
     - The Soylent Saga continues!
     - Zisteau's LP of 'Ragecraft 2'.

- Joel's Stuff:
     - [sad crickets]

- Spoilers:
     - The World Health Organization (WHO) is headquartered in Switzerland. Not Great Britain.